Saturday, July 18, 2015

BFF Dinner: Tortuga Flats

My birthday was over a month ago, but my BFFs (Laura and Ashley) and I weren't able to get together to go eat dinner. We were finally able to go have dinner together last Friday. I wanted to find a place we had never been to before that wasn't too far from home (all three of us had a really exhausting week). The last thing I wanted to do after a long week was to drive in traffic to eat somewhere downtown.

A little background story on how I met Laura and Ashley. It's pretty funny actually. A year ago around the time of my birthday I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and find a new job. This was a really hard decision for me since I had been working at my then current job for 3 years and they were pretty much my family. I wanted to find a job that was relevant to what I went to college for, which was HR. I found a job and it was at a place that Laura and Ashley were working at. I was actually going to be Laura's replacement! Long story short -- none of us work there anymore... But I was lucky enough to gain two amazing friends out of the whole experience. Everything happens for a reason and the universe has a crazy way of working things out!

Fast forward to present day... I told the girls I wanted to try Tortuga Flats. I've heard about it and stalked their Facebook for yummy photos, but have never been. Tortuga Flats is in a really unexpected shopping center. It's located off of IH-35 in Round Rock by Target, Best Buy, and Third Base. I say that it's in an unexpected place because it looks like a restaurant that I would see downtown. The decor was cute & modern, they had live music blasting, and the food & drinks were legit. Definitely a worthy restaurant to try if you live in Round Rock/Pflugerville... Or if you're just in the neighborhood! They even have happy hour Mon - Fri 3pm-7pm. Yummy! 

Yummy drinks. I got the bottom left drink and it was a Pineapple Spritzer... It tasted just like juice!
That's dangerous....
Tacos Al Carbon
(Sirloin, caramelized onions, queso fundido, crispy onions, molcajete, and cilantro aioli)
The black refried beans and Mexican rice were spot on as well!

Happy eatings!! :)

3107 S. IH-35 
Round Rock, TX 78664