Monday, March 5, 2012

Date Night: Komé

My hubby and I had our weekly date night at Komé this week. I was so excited because I've been wanting to try this place for a long time! The food and experience was great. Ask for Kathleen if ya'll go there. She's super sweet! I can't wait to go back. =)

Here's a link to my Yelp! review *click click*

Moscato =)
Miso Soup
Yakiniku-Kushi (Beef Skewers)
Agé-Dashi Tofu
Endo in NY
Crunchy Dynamite Roll
Rock and Roll
Tarantula Roll
Sake Cheesecake

Happy eatings!!


  1. Jane, I LOVE that cheesecake!

    Julie BT, did you get a new camera? Your photos look awesome!

  2. Ooh! That all looks so yummy. We went there pre-baby, so I couldn't have most of the sushi, so I'm dying to go back, you know, once I get some sleep. :)

  3. Jane: The cheesecake is AMAZING! It tastes like the green tea creme brulee I had @ IPPUDO in NYC!

    Michelle: Yes ma'am! It's Jonhnny's camera. He has a Canon Rebel... Not sure which model lol. It's pretty awesome! The perk is he lets me use it ;]

    Julie: CONGRATS ON YOUR BABY GIRL!!!! <3 You need to GO GO GO ASAP!! &&& I hope the baby, momma, and daddy are well and happy. And I hope you get some sleep! <3

  4. I still need to try the sake cheesecake! Great pictures Julie.