Saturday, June 18, 2011

Belated Food Photo Friday - Belated Birthday!

So I turned 22 on Monday =) A few of my other friends are June babies too (one 3 days apart from mine) so we all went to Main Event for some drinks and we were hoping to get in on the Monday Madness ($10 for rock climbing, laser tag, and bowling).. Sadly we were a little too buzzed/tipsy to play anything lol. We still managed to have fun, though! The next day my parents took me out to eat Joe's Crab Shack (good choice thanks to my parents!) Woo.. I always have a good time with my parents and hubby.

 Pomegranate Pop Rocks Margarita... Yes, that's correct.. POP ROCKS!
 Momma Tran <3
 DRINK WITH CAUTION: Pop rocks will explode when contacted with alcohol
 Fried Calamari
 My amazing parents <3
 Let's get cracka-lackin'!!!!!!
 Mom & Dad's Joe's Favorite Steampot... Shrimp, Snow Crab
 My Fish & Chips w/ Cheesy New Potatoes
 Honeys' KJ Steampot... Scallops, Snow Crab, Mussels
 Hello crabby mess!
 So the funny story is they turned me into a seagull and made me run around the restaurant while they sang happy birthday to me and if I stopped then they would've made me do it all over again. Lets just say I agreed because I didn't want to do it twice and.... I was a little buzzed haha. My parents kept saying "I can't believe you did that!!!" And my mom goes "it was the alcohol!!!!" Haha
My TRAN-PHAMily <3 I love them. They gave me the best birthday I could ever ask for. And I say that every year because they make it better and better.


  1. you're so cute, Julie. Happy belated birthday again. Also WHAT? Poprocks? Does it pop when you drink it?

  2. LOL aw thanks, Chi Linda =)
    & Thank you for the lovely&funny birthday wishes!
    YES.. POPROCKS! And yes they pop when you drink the margarita... But they also pop in your face!! =O lol

  3. Oh my gosh! Your parents are so adorable! And you and your sweetie make the cutest couple... :)

  4. Michelle, you're making me blush ;] Thank you for the lovely compliments!! <3