Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Bit Overdue.. A LOT Overdue!

I truly commend my friends who work full time, have careers, have families, husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends, etc. I commend you for all the hard work you put into your delightful and tasty blogs and how you're able to post every week (even more than once a week!) I do not know where to time went. It flew right past me in the last two weeks. I started a new job at Pho Saigon (5 days a week!) and summer school started. I haven't been able to put any posts in. In addition to my job and school, we got a new addition to our family... A new pup named Silvia. Many of you have seen my many, many photos of her on Facebook and Twitter. =)

I won a gift certificate to FRANK (Hot Dogs Cold Beer) while calling into the Bobby Bones Show. Little did I know it was about to expire. I desperately asked my hubs if he would go with me. Dreadfully, he agreed. So we went last Sunday. This was our second trip to Frank and I think our best trip so far!
* I apologize for the Crackberry camera photos
* Credits to FRANK for the hot dog descriptions

4th & Colorado
Austin, TX 78701

My Carolina Pork It
(100% Vienna beef, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and deep fried; Grilled coleslaw, house made green chile pimento cheese)
Chili Cheese Waffle Fries
Honey's Texalina
(FRANK's local pork and beef sausage, grilled coleslaw, Carolina mustard BBQ sauce, white cheddar)
 Our ORGASMIC Bananas Foster w/ Amy's Ice Cream's Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream
This was mine and honey's first time ever having bananas foster... I think FRANK did it just right.
Obviously... It was all gone =)

I also had a Groupon (I love great deals as you can see!) to Lucky J's Chicken & Waffles. Jonhnny and I were trying to go Friday night, but they had closed early. So we tried again on Saturday and this time with our friends. The Groupon was for the "Shotcaller" deal; 12 pieces of fried chicken and 6 waffles. So it was 4 of us with all of this food. 

5035 Burnet Road
Austin, TX 78756
The truck is located @ the corner of 6th & Waller
 Honey's basket =P
BIG piece of BREAST.. Yum ;]

I really enjoyed that the chicken and waffles were made to order, although that made for a long wait. The chicken was very moist and had tons of flavor. Sadly, the skin was really tough and it was hard to chew. Nevertheless, the food was delicious. I love how soft and yummy the waffles were. They were totally melt in your mouth delicious! I've never had chicken and waffles before and I'm glad my first time was @ Lucky J's!

Hope ya'll enjoy the photos, friends! =) Happy eatings!


  1. I LOVEEE Frank. I think I need to give Lucky J another chance. I've only eaten it at Foodspotting during SXSW. It was dry and passionless for me.
    Maybe it was an off day.

    Your new pup is tiny :)

  2. I LOVEEE Frank too!! =P Honestly, I wasn't pleased with the breading of the chicken, but it wasn't that bad. I was just miserable bc we waited almost an hour for the food. Only one lady was running the place by herself that SATURDAY night. It was weird to me.
    My pup is growing everyday! I wonder if she'll be as big as Snugs haha

  3. Gahhhh...that bananas foster...WANT.

  4. It was the BEST bananas foster I've ever had. They should put me on the Food Network show "Best Thing I Ever Ate: Desserts" HAHA =D