Sunday, October 23, 2011

Best Thing I Ever Ate: Burgers

I love the show "Best Thing I Ever Ate." I wish I could be like my favorite chefs and be featured on the show, but sadly I'm not.... BUT I CAN blog about it! =)  I've had burgers from famous burger joints like Five Guys, Mighty Fine, In-N-Out, Carl's JR. and Fat Burger. But these burgers cannot compare to one of the best burger joints in Austin, TX. Which place do you ask? HOPDODDY! Even the name is cool!

Hopdoddy Burgers
1400 S Congress Street Suite 190A
Austin, TX 78705
(Even has a free parking garage!!)

Their beef patties are made from hormone & antibiotic free moo cows and they grind their meat daily. Their buns are made from scratch and are baked more than once a day. Not only that, their fries are handcut from these amazing little potatoes called Kennebec potatoes. I've never had fries this good... Especially from handcut fries. They have the right amount of seasoning and crunch. Can't have soggy fries! 

The first time I went to Hopdoddy, my hubby and I got the Llano Poblano (beef patty, pepper jack cheese, roasted poblano chiles, apple-smoked bacon, and chipotle mayo) and the Peking Duck burger (one of the burger specials at the time). Have ya'll ever had peking duck? If you like it the Chinese way, you'll love it the Hopdoddy way! It was amazing tasty and the duck breast patty was so moist. I keep hoping the burger will make its way back to Hopdoddy. Hopefully SOON! =P

I went with my friends yesterday and had the original burger. I was kinda on a budget and didn't feel like getting anything too extravagant. I'm so glad I got the original burger bc it was way better than any other "original" burger I've had at other places. Don't get me wrong... I do love me some In-N-Out, but you can taste the love and attention that goes into the Hopdoddy burgers. 

My Original w/ Cheeeeeeeese
My Friend's Buffalo Bill w/ Fries
Chili Cheese Fries
Terlingua Burger making a cameo in the back ;]
SO much food. We pretty much gave up on the fries since there were 5 of us, 5 burgers and 3 orders of fries lol...

If you haven't tried Hopdoddy yet, I suggest you do so! There is some thing for everybody here. And if there's a line, it's worth the wait. The fresh, delicious burgers are to die for. You're gonna want to keep coming back after that first bite! =)

Happy Eatings!


  1. Your Hopdoddy pictures are so much better than mine! Which is why I never posted about Hopdoddy. Haha

  2. Aw thanks Chi Linda! I cheated bc I used Jonhnny's "professional" camera =P I want to see your photos from Hopdoddy! Your photos always come out great... POST POST POST! =)