Friday, May 27, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Bún Riêu

Bún Riêu? What is that?? Well I didn't know how to explain it so according to Wikipedia (lol..), bún riêu is a Vietnamese meat rice vermicelli soup with a tomato soup base that you top with a shrimp paste. Sound gross? No way! I love my dad's bún riêu. He makes the soup base from scratch, adds in eggs + shrimp/crab mix, tofu, two different types fish meatballs (chả cá), and tomatoes. It's a lovely mix of everything I love. Also, you can't beat that it's HOMEMADE! =) Yum yum...

 The smaller pot.. There was a bigger one in the fridge ;]
Look at all the tofu and fishballs floating =)
 Honey's bowl.. The picture doesn't do it justice. It. was. HUGE.
 My bowl =)
 The optional veggies you can add in.
Can't forget the garlic chili paste and fine shrimp paste!!

[Please excuse the quality of the photos. The lighting in my kitchen is terrible and using my flash makes the photos look too bright. So I worked with what I had..]


  1. This is my favorite Vietnamese dish. I eat this for at least 3 meals when I'm in Houston visiting family. It's so bad my mom's all like "are you SURE you want me to make it again?"

  2. omg this looks delicious.. i love shrimp paste too! unfortunately, i'm highly allergic lol. vietnamese food is super delicious! perhaps i'll try this minus the shrimp paste :)

  3. Linda: YES.. It's one of my faves too! My dad makes a delicious pot.. I'll ask you to come over for a bowl when he makes it again =)
    Abby: A lot of people think the shrimp paste is gross, but man I LOVE IT. But my dad's bun rieu is good enough without it so you could eat it without the shrimp paste tehe =)

  4. Wow, I have never tried this before. Are there any restaurants in Austin where I could order it (and where you think it's good)?

  5. I have not had bun rieu anywhere else, but home (and Vietnam lol), but I don't think there are any restaurants in Austin that have it. Next time my dad makes some, I'll bring you and Chris a bowl =) It's to die for!