Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bribery Bakery

Happy hump day!!!!!!

I heard there was a new bakery that opened near my house not too long ago. I thought, "SCORE!!!!!" There aren't that many noteworthy bakeries in Pflugerville/Round Rock. Sure there's Tiff's Treats and I LOVE their cookies, but there are no cupcakes, no cakes, no pies, no quiches!!! I was so happy to finally get to try Bribery Bakery!

Tuesday night is girls night where two of my sweetest girlfriends and I gorge our faces and watch "Married At First Sight" on FYI. We usually order Pluckers to go so we don't have to be embarrassed for being fatties. I missed last week's girls night and thought I would make up for it with dessert from Bribery Bakery. 

My office is not too far from Bribery and it's kind of the middle point between home and work. I am so glad that I decided to stop by! I got there around 5pm and was lucky that there were even goodies left. (They close at 5:30pm). As I was about to enter, a lady was coming out and told me there was one more thing of chocolate cake left! I had to take make sure I got that last piece!!!!

I was just mesmerized by the bakery when I stepped in. I felt like I was at home and felt so warm and welcome. The ladies at the counter were so sweet (no pun intended!) and helpful. I had to ask what a bunch of things were since it was my first time. 

I decided to get the chocolate cream cake (of course), carrot cake, and lemon-strawberry cake. One of the honey's favorite cakes is carrot cake. Which is weird because he hates carrots! But I guess if you add it into a delicious cake with amazing frosting, what is there to hate? I love anything lemon & berry so the lemon-strawberry was calling my name!

I dropped off the carrot cake and the pups with the honey and I was off to the girls' place. We were stuffed to the brim with chicken, but still managed to make room for dessert. Everyone has a second stomach for dessert right??

Surprisingly, the desserts were not too sweet. They looked like they would be a sweet tooth lover's dream, but I have to say it was just the perfect amount! 

Look at the delicious treats!
Look at how damn cute this box is! 
The carrot cake and chocolate cream cake were enough to feed 4 people!!!
This was my favorite :)

If you have not tried Bribery Bakery yet, what are you waiting for?!?!?!

2013 Wells Branch Pkwy.
Suite 109
Austin, TX 78728
(It is two doors away from Crawfish Shack)


  1. I need to get up there! That lemon strawberry cake looks divine!