Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ChiLantro BBQ - The OTHER love of my life

My first Yelp review was for ChiLantro BBQ. So good I had to write a review (Something I've never done before): Check it out here!! I've been meaning to make a post on my personal blog about ChiLantro, but life has been hectic! But here we go...

I cannot say it enough.. I am in LOVE with ChiLantro. My fascination started about a year ago. I kept hearing things about this place called ChiLantro all over Facebook. I was like "WTH is ChiLantro?! Everyone is talking about it, I gotta get in the know! And I love the name.. It sounds like cilantro" LOL. The first time I actually went to ChiLantro was after one of my summer courses at ACC. I was sitting impatiently in class all morning, awaiting the moment when I would get to try this food truck. Finally when class let out, I hopped into my ridiculously hot car. (End of July + Black leather = no fun!) When I got to ChiLantro, I was like "CRAP! There's a long ass line" That didn't stop me though. I am the most IMPATIENT person ever and lines get me ancy even after standing in them for only 5 minutes, but I was already there and nothing was gonna stop me from trying ChiLantro. It took about 10 minutes before I got my order in. This lovely Korean gentleman took my order. It was my first time there and I was nervous about what to get. I ordered the spicy pork burrito and kimchi fries with chicken for hubby. I got two tofu tacos for myself since I wasn't eating meat at the time. I was happy that ChiLantro had vegetarian options.

[I just took a 10 minute break to talk to hubby on the phone and watch my friend Linda's videos and now I lost my train of thought. lol....]

OK! Back to work.. =P When the lovely gentleman told me that there would be a bit of a wait on the kimchi fires because they were so busy, another kind man said "they're worth the wait ;)" I was like, I bet! So I had no problem waiting since I had already ordered. I didn't think it would take about another 30 minutes for my food to be ready. Let me remind you, it was SCORCHING outside. By the time my food was ready, I was sweating up a storm. I thanked the lovely men for my food and went on my way. I surprised hubby with a new delight and he was excited to try it. He instantly fell in love with the fries. The kimchi fries have kimchi, choice of meat/tofu, cheddar and jack cheese, onions, cilantro, sriracha, sesame seeds, and their famous "Magic Orange Sauce" (mayo + sriracha, I'm guessing?). My bf LOVES food with a kick and that's exactly what the fries had. It was a "party" in his mouth. His coworkers were intrigued with the spread he had.

After a couple more trips, I learned that the lovely Korean man was the owner, Jae Kim. Jae and his crew are amazing people. From the first time I visited til now, I still get the best service. It doesn't matter if you're a ChiLantro vet or a first-timer, you will STILL get the best service. 
Jae Kim: "Every single customer is important. I know I can't satisfy everyone, but my intention is to give them all I got!"
I love it when people in the food industry truly care about their customers. I've been working in the food industry since I was 16 so I've seen the good, the bad, AND the ugly. My ratings for ChiLantro go to 11. Surpasses that 10 scale. Now, Jae and his crew aren't just people who work at ChiLantro to me, I consider them my friends (Here's a shout to Jae, Bex, Chris, & Ryan!). ChiLantro has come so far and is so successful in the Austin community. Even people in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston are jealous of us Austin folks. (I even wear my ChiLantro shirt to other cities to flaunt what we got!) I'm so happy for Jae and everyone that has contributed to ChiLantro's success. I know this is just the beginning for them and I can't wait to see what amazing things arise in their future.

The first picture I ever took at ChiLantro: July 29, 2010
My hands were shaking while taking this picture because I was so excited

The most recent picture I took at ChiLantro: April 6, 2011
Kimchi fries w/ Tofu.. No magic mayo, extra sriracha, onions, and cilantro

The funny thing is a lot of people think I'm obsessed with ChiLantro. For the longest time, my boyfriend asked me "What's up with you and ChiLantro? HUH HUH!" Haha.. I can't help what I like. ChiLantro makes my heart and my tummy happy!

Oh, and don't worry.. That won't be the last photo I take. I plan on hitting up ChiLantro for dinner tonight once classes are over. WOOT ;]


  1. What a great story, Julie! You are right that Jae and his crew give awesome service. And the food is so good! It is not even 7:00 a.m. right now and I am craving Chi'lantro thanks to you!

  2. Hehe thank you, Michelle! Jae and his crew are amazing. I think I crave ChiLantro most of the time I'm awake and when I'm sleeping, I'm dreaming about kimchi fries ;]

  3. had this about 1am last night. then bed at like 2. no good for health but good for soul!

  4. Thanks for the post! :) Goodluck with your blog

  5. Chi Linda: Oh I wish I could have ChiLantro for every single meal! I don't care how greasy it is, it IS good for the soul ;]

    Jae: Thanks so much Jae! =)

  6. p.s. thanks for the link love :)

    i've been following your blog via friend conenct and it's FINALLY showing up on my reader so I get a second glance at everything. :)