Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Good Sunday

I've been lacking in posting lately. Super sorry! >_< I had an AMAZING Easter Sunday. First off, I had a lunch date with two amazing foodies Linda (Girl Eats World) and Michelle (Foodie the New 40). I hope one day I'm able to be as great of a blogger as them =). We opted for Zed's since the three of us have never been there before. There was a lovely bunny there to greet us and make us laugh while we ate our brunch. There was a brunch buffet and we also got mimosas... The mimosas probably made us a little more rowdy, but it was so much fun! There were so many highlights to our three hour lunch.
  • Anthony Bourdain came into the conversation (Linda & Michelle LOVE him!) and a picture of him holding a bone up to his wee wee was brought up... Picture here: NOT SAFE FOR WORK! It was SCANDALOUS. But oh so funny.
  • Linda had Michelle and I as the stars of her vlog (VEDA day #24) Below... ;]

  • Michelle was a tad bit hesitant to be on camera.. She said maybe she could do puppets with her fingers. Linda suggested using the clean socks in her car that she keeps handy for bowling. Super prepared Linda cracked us up with this bit of info.
  • This leads to the next topic... Linda saying her boyfriend had "smelly balls"... SMELLY BALLS?! Yes, smelly bowling balls... Cinnamon, in fact ;] (Not what you were thinking huh? DIRTY MIND!) Harhar..
  • I had no clue what sweetbreads were.. So I asked. Michelle searched it on her adorable iPad and as she read it, it said sweetbreads is a culinary name for the thymus, pancreas, various glands, and sometimes testicles. Ahhh.. A new word for balls; sweetbreads. "I got your sweetbreads right here, buddy" LOL
  • Lots of laughter with two beautiful, amazing women.. Women I'm blessed to be in the presence of =) 
Some photos from brunch

Biscuits & Gravy, Grilled Chicken & Green Beans, Scrambled Eggs, Shrimp & Grits

Mac & Cheese

French Toast, Caesar Salad, Crème Brûlée/Key Lime Brûlée (Wasn't sure.. LOL), Sausage Link & Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Chicken & Green Beans (again.. haha), Mashed Potatoes

This weird key lime crème brûlée thing again haha

The food was ehh ok. It wasn't the best brunch I've had. I kinda expected more from Zed's.

After lunch with the ladies, I wanted to go across the street to PetCo. to get Snugs some cookies. Wasn't sure if it was open or not since it was Easter. Luckily when I got there, it was open and I was able to get my little boy his favorite cookies. 

I got home and studied my butt off (two tests the following day). In the middle of studying, my boyfriend came over and surprised me with something....

Set of 5 kitchen tools, cake pan, and my favorite... A hot water pump/dispenser.
He bought me the hot water pump so I could have hot water to make noodles at school.
Ahh.. He knows me so well =)

Yay for kitchen/baking tools!

Pupcakes! =) 
They look good enough for humans to eat huh?
(AND, they were only about 50 cents each!)
He got them at this pet store at the Round Rock outlet
Everything he bought was on sale... My honey did good =)


  1. Those cupcakes look so yummyy! I would have eaten them myself haha

  2. Haha Jane, you're so cute! They even smell yummy!!! I showed my mom and she was smelling it and was like "ooooh it's yummy!" And I said mom... Do you know what it IS?! She was like what? I said, "DOG FOOOOD!!!" She was like "Omg... I was about to put it in my mouth" HAHA

  3. such sweet surprises from you hunny!

    Thanks for recapping the lunch. I mean, I almost forgot the picture of the almost naked Bourdain. ;)

  4. Haha I know! I was like "gosh, if I don't blog about it now, I'm gonna forget!!" So many fun moments with you two =)

  5. Hi there I'm new to your site! I was watching Linda's video on her site and I was intrigued by food blogging. Anyway, I swung by your site and great pictures from your lunch date with the ladies! The food looks really yummy too bad it was just alright. Anyway, I hope to swing by to read more of your food posts :)

  6. Abby, thanks for your kind words! I'm still a noob in this whole food blogger world. It's really fun! I came across your blog about a month ago and I LOVE IT (you have EVERYTHING on there)! I love makeup and fashion just like you! =)

  7. What a sweet post, Julie! It's reminding me of all the fun/funny moments the three of us shared. I can't believe you busted us on that Bourdain pic! ;-P And your photos look terrific...sooooo wish I had a bowl of that mac 'n' cheese right now...

    Loving Jonhnny's gifts to you - so sweet!

  8. I had soo much fun, Michelle! Sorry I busted yall ;] It was one of the best things about our lunch! =) I told Jonhnny you thought he was sweet.. He was like "Huh.. Who? REALLY? =)" Haha.. He loves being flattered... That punk =P

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