Friday, April 15, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Match Made in Taco C Heaven

I can't help but to crave Taco Cabana when I know it's on campus right around the corner from my classes. There's a food court located in the downstairs of The University Center.. A place where I spend many hours of my school day sitting infront of my laptop. On Wednesday, I already knew what I wanted for lunch and it wasn't the sack lunch I usually bring to school with me. I usually try not to spend money on food at school, but once in a while is ohkay! My honey gave me lunch money (so sweet!) and I was super giddy while walking down to the food court. I ordered the #1 combo on the menu; 2 fajita tacos, chips&queso, and a drink. The man who took my order was a nice, older gentleman who had a smile on his face the entire time I talked to him. It's probably because I was smiling in joy while ordering. I love good customer service =) I filled my cup with my all time favorite soda; Root Beer. I got my food and walked upstairs to the study area of the UC. There's about 16 cubicles for students to sit and study. I usually just sit, eat, and play on my laptop harhar ;] I took out all the food in my bag and took a picture of it and sent it to my honey. I said "Thanks for lunch, Honey!" 

Happy tummy =)

After I sent him the picture, he texted me a picture too and it was a picture of his lunch. Guess what he got? TACO CABANA too! 

Cabana bowl =)

Ohkay, well granted I did tell him I was getting Taco C and he was like "I wanted to get Taco C because you did" Haha. Match made in TACO C heaven ;]

Funny thing is when I got the mail after school, I got a page of coupons for Taco Cabana. What a coincidence =)


  1. Taco Cabana is the first place I ever had homemade tortillas, so I have a soft spot for them! And I love their salsa/fixings bar...

    Did you see there were some good TC coupons on AustinOnTheCheap a couple of days ago? Pretty sure there was a BOGO fajita taco plate coupon on there!

  2. so cute julie! I miss seeing you at the bank :(