Friday, May 20, 2011

Food Photo Friday - Farewell, Fortune

I've been working at Fortune for about 6 months and am sad to say that Fortune will be closing its doors after Sunday. I've enjoyed working here so much. I couldn't have had a better work family. I'm sad to see it go, but I'm happy I had the chance to work with amazing bosses and coworkers and eat the delicious food here. Fortune is famous for their dim sum and seafood and after eating and working here, I know exactly why. I'd like to share one of my last meals at Fortune with ya'll.

 Fresh Crabmeat and Fish Maw Soup
Mongolian Beef
Braised Jumbo Shrimp
Snow Pea Leaves with Garlic (SO DELICIOUS!!!!)
Salt n Pepper Tofu

Farewell, Fortune. Thanks for the terrific memories. It was nice while it lasted. <3


  1. these photos are lovely. again i'm sorry to hear about them closing. :(

  2. YUmm
    I'm sad that I wasn't able to try them :(

  3. Linda: Aw thank you for your kind words <3 We are all very sad.
    Jane: You still have a chance tmrw and Sunday! =)