Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May Madness

Wow. It's been a BUSY month! I haven't even done a Food Photo Friday blog in two weeks. Really hope this update makes up for the past two weeks that I haven't updated this blog. =)

May 1st -- Daddy's Birthday
My daddy turned 53! And he's still lookin' young. Hope he passed down those genes to me =P

Brownie Cupcakes!!
 Making his wish =)
 Blowing out the candles
 Cute moment between mommy and daddy. Look how happy she looks =)
 Daddy got his boots!!
 Daddy and Honey
Mommy, Daddy, and Me =)
 Daddy and the kiddos, Poppy and Snugs
He is the BEST father in the world =)

May 3rd -- Team Steve Fundraiser
A friend of Jonhnny's siblings suffered a seizure due to epilepsy. They had a fundraising event at Pluckers to help raise money to help Steve and his family (20% from food and non-alcoholic drinks sales would be donated). Steve is doing much better and I had the lovely chance of meeting him. Got to meet lots of new people that night and everyone was super nice! =)

Fried Pickles... Yum!
 Honey's Root Beer and my Pluckers Lemonade
100 Wings! =D
20 Lemon Pepper, 20 Buffalo Medium, 20 Gold Rush, 20 Teriyaki, 20 Spicy Ranch (MY FAVE)
 The 7 of us pretty much finished all the wings. 
Granted I was the only girl.. The boys can eat!
 Fried Twinkies!!!!
 My buddy Sang and I
 Honey's step-brother, Mitchell... Their last name is Dang... MI DANGGG =P
 Lovely Steve and I! =)
Mitchell and I

May 6th -- First Dubstep Concert
I had never been to a Dubstep concert before and my cousins, friends, and boyfriend are totally into Dubstep. We got to go see Rusko (one of the MANY DJs) at Stubb's BBQ and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. I didn't think I would since I'm not really into Dubstep, but Rusko had so much energy on stage and I loved it! Here are some bad quality cell phone photos lol.

Rusko dancing on stage
The aftermath of it all... Bottles were everywhere! 
IHOP after the concert since nowhere else was open that late =P
I felt like a complete fatass after eating all that..

May 9th -- Homemade Phở (Vietnamese Noodle Soup)
My parents make AMAZING Phở.. They haven't made it in about a year so they thought it was about time that they did. My boyfriend, Jonhnny, got to try it for the first time and he loved it. It's truly a foodgasm in your mouth. WOOT!
Honey's ginormous bowl
My little bowl =P

May 13th -- Bobby Bones Show's Second Chance Prom!!!!
I called into the Bobby Bones Show a couple of weeks ago and won 2 tickets to the BBS Prom. My hubby and I went with my cousin and her boyfriend (also my boyfriend's BFF). We had so much fun and got to see All 4 One perform!
Honey and I <3
My cousin, Tiffany, and I =)

Us again =)
Bobby Bones!!!!


  1. So much to say! Your dad is adorable...and I love me some Hoops & Yo Yo :)

    Never had pho...but now I want some!

  2. Love Hoops & YoYo!

    I went to 2nd chance prom a few years ago with my friend Neville. Before Vicci turned into Kiss & Fly. You look lovely. I've been looking for a blazer like the one you're wearing!

  3. Sarah: Haha, yeah this was such a long blog with too many photos =P Thanks for the comment about my daddy... He is super adorable! =)

    I LOVE Hoops & YoYo! They make me so happy!!

    I need to take you to go eat Pho Saigon one day.. Lunch date?? ;]

    Linda: Thanks Chi Linda! The blazer I got at Metropark on super sale since they went out of business. I bet you could find a cute/not so pricey blazer at Macy's or Target (LOVE TARGET! but you already know that haha)

  4. Your parents are so cute! And now I am STARVING and want pho. And wings. And French toast. And it's 4:30 a.m.!!

  5. Thanks so much, Michelle!! =) I'm reading over my blog and looking at my pictures and now I'm STARVING!!! I'm drooling over the photos wishing I had those things to eat right now haha.