Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dad, What's For Dinner?

As some of you know, I still live with my parents. I love living with them. I know some people would be like "Okay! I'm 18,  let's get out of here!" I was never like that. I don't think I'll move out until I get married or have to move for work (IF I have to move for work). But for now, since I'm still in college, living with them is awesome. One of the best perks, besides getting to see my parents on a daily basis, is my dad's delicious food. Even if it's a simple dish, my dad makes it amazing.

So the other night I got home from the Austin Food Blogger Alliance HH and I was starving. My mom said just come home, dad is making dinner. When I pulled into the garage, I saw my dad cooking. We cook in the garage so it doesn't make the house smell. I asked, "Daddy, what's for dinner?" He said "eggs and rice are for dinner k?" I WAS DELIGHTED! I'm guessing you're like "eggs? REALLY?!" My dad makes these amazing egg "pancakes/omelettes" with some eggs, salt, pepper, and onions. Simple as that. I've loved it since I was a kid. We usually eat it with rice, but you can also wedge it in between some bread and it's awesome.

Daddy's Egg Pancake

My little bowl of rice and eggs =)

The joy of my night was sitting down for dinner with my parents and boyfriend, Jonhnny. It's rare that we all get to sit down and eat together because all of our schedules are hectic and different. I'm pretty lucky; I have the best parents in the world.

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  1. JonHnny is how you spell his name?
    Man, I'm learning new things about him each time!

    You're making me miss mom and dad cooking :(