Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Valentine's 2011

So this is gonna be my first "official" blog. (I know I'm a little late, but just deal with it hehe) I don't know where to begin. I've been having a really good MONTH.. No scratch that.. Really good YEAR. What has contributed to my lovely year? I guess my significant other contributed to this. We've had our ups and downs in our two years of being together, but I think we're at a really good point in our relationship. Ok, ok I'm not gonna get all mooshy on ya'll. But for our two year annniversary in January, I got a little disappointed because all I wanted were roses and my boo didn't come through. Before Valentine's day, I told him I really just wanted to go out to dinner and I wanted some roses... 

On Valentine's day, I was rushing home from school so I could get ready for dinner. With my luck, I got stuck in horrible traffic from Stassney Lane all the way to Howard Lane. I was in traffic for about an hour. When I finally got home at 7:30PM, I hurried to fix my makeup and put on my sweetheart-strapless dress. Our reservations to Moonshine Grill were at 8:30.. I was FREAKING out because Jonhnny is never on time. I think he takes longer to get ready than I do! So come 8:00 my love arrives at my house and when I opened the front door, my jaw dropped and remained dropped for the longest time. 

Jonhnny, my JONHNNY... is not a mooshy lovey dovey kinda guy. He's not really the type to go out and buy girly gifts for his gal. But to my surprise, he came to my door step with a huge bag filled with gifts, roses (MY FAVE), and a cute ol balloon that they fill with a stuffed animal, chocolates, etc. I was overjoyed.. I couldn't even describe how I felt. 

So after being flabbergasted with gifts, we proceeded to dinner. I was making reservations at the last minute, but I was lucky enough to make reservations at Moonshine Grill. One of the BEST decisions I've ever made. The restaurant was so cute and the dim lighting made us feel very homey. As we sat down and observed the menu, our waitress, Devon, approached us with a warm smile. We were open for any recommendations she had.. She told us about the two specials they had for the night; Grouper w/ crab and a Peppered beef tenderloin w/ shrimp. I'm not big on seafood, but it just sounded so delicious! Jonhnny was like "babe you should get the grouper" and I agreed. We ordered the Moonshine "Corn Dog" Shrimp for our appetizer, and both of the specials. Along with our meal, Devon brought us the delicious cajun popcorn and yummy cornbread (Jonhnny's FAVORITE). Not only was the food good, but even the conversation we had with our waitress Devon was awesome. She was a dog lover just like Jonhnny and I. Great food, great convo, great DATE... Nothing better than that!

Everything was DELICIOUS. It was pricey... But I loved it. If this was a "once in a while" go to dinner place, I would not mind forking out the money for their food. 

Grouper w/ crab, peppers, and lemon butter sauce. 
Side of baked macaroni (w/ pimento cheese and bacon gratin) and delicious, sweet carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Jonhnny's Peppered beef tenderloin w/ onion strings and shrimp.
Side of steak fries and veggies.

Jonhnny and I cruising around downtown after dinner =)

We ended the night meeting our friends @ Trudy's. I had a Mexican Martini w/ top shelf tequila. I was pretty buzzed/tipsy. Oh what a night! It was the perfect Valentine's day. 


  1. Man, I wanted flowers for valentine's day. I'm jealous ;)

  2. Hehe <3 I'll get you flowers next Valentine's ;] Jonhnny kinda owed me since he missed both our anniversaries and last Valentine's =P