Monday, March 21, 2011

Road Trip to Houston

I had planned on leaving Austin @ 10:30AM, but the boys always lag! (GRR!) But that's ohkay. We still had enough time to hit up 3 eateries and HK4 in Houston. So that's 4 places in 4 hours. LOL. We did a lot of eating in a very small amount of time. Here are some photos of our food!

1st place: House of Bowls
6650 Corporate Dr
HoustonTX 77036

Curry beef and rice

Egg pancake and rice

Beef fried rice w/ an egg

Japanese style Ramen w/ seafood

Japanese style Ramen w/ beef (I think.. LOL)

Garlic and scallion chicken wings

(Food was AWESOME. My friends were right in recommending this place.)

2nd Place: Juice Box
9889 Bellaire Blvd #109
Houston, TX 77036

 Fresh fruit =)

Strawberries, watermelon, and mangoes w/ ice cream, shaved ice, and condensed milk
The 5 of us shared this... It was massive!

Strawberry juice

(Now I know why this place is all the rage.. It was yummies!)

13602 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77083

Pad Thai w/ chicken and shrimp

Drunken Chicken

(Ehh. The food @ Thai Spice was ohkay. It wasn't the best Thai food I've had.)


  1. Julie,
    I once tried to find a replacement for Madam Mams and could not find better! re: thai spice

    the house of bowls looks amazing. may need to check that out net time in in houston!

  2. Chi Linda!
    I totally agree. Madam Mams and Titaya's FTW! I tried Thai Spice in the summer and I liked it, but it was really bleh on Sunday.

    And YES! You def need to try House of Bowls. Our waiter was super funny and nice. The food was delicious too =)